Happy Women’s day…


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Well, I must say this is definitely not one of my favorite celebrations ever. But just because for many women it’s just an excuse to go wild for one night, without acknowledging its real meaning.

Women are sensitive, women are sweet. Women are strong, and at the same time very delicate.

Being a woman is a state of grace to me, and I simply want to wish Happy Women’s Day to all other gorgeous women in my own way, by remembering in one place some of the many women I truly and deeply esteem. The women I chose to represent in my inspiration board are very different from one another – some belonging to the past, some living in the present – some representing the absolute perfection (Virgin Mary), some being an everyday model of virtue – but they all are a real source of inspiration for me and, as a whole, they are the perfect summary of what a Woman is.

Enjoy and share the Love,


  1. Mother Teresa (http://catholicfire.blogspot.it)
  2. Michelle Obama (http://abcnews.go.com)
  3. Queen Elizabeth II (http://www.royal.gov.uk)
  4. Rania al Abdullah (kumpulankumpulanfoto.blogspot.com)
  5. Aung San Suu Kyi (imaginepeace.com)
  6. Virgin Mary (biblecliparts-jesuspictures.blogspot.com)
  7. Melinda Gates (3000 × 2217 – thirdage.com)
  8. Maria Montessori (montessorilajolla.com)
  9. Lady Diana (http://www.nndb.com)
  10. Gisele Bundchen (gisele-bundchen-benjamin-brady-park-09202010-01)
  11. Kate Middleton (magxwall.blogspot.com)
  12. Coco Chanel (http://www.lovetwenty.com)
  13. Fabiola Gianotti (blogs.oregonstate.edu)
  14. Rita Levi-Montalcini (http://www.telegraph.co.uk)
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