When baby grows . . . convert the snowsuit bag into a poncho!


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When my baby was born, I got this adorable down feather snowsuit bag as a gift from a very close relative (displayed in the left figure). Unfortunately, we got a few chances to use it, then summer (finally!!) arrived and when it was time to use it again, well my Minnie was way too grown up to fit in it again! Moreover, I had been looking for quite a few months for a smart yet comfortable and easy-to-wear coat to keep her warm during the winter, but it seems like nobody has ever felt the urge to “invent” a down feather poncho for babies!!

Gosh, how many moms have gone desperate trying to convince their baby wear layers after layers of clothes? A poncho would be so useful in such cases!

Well, for this reason I decided to do one myself (displayed in the right pic), starting from the beautifully designed snowsuit bag I had already put in a box for future babies (hopefully!).

This was a project I did a few months ago, so I didn’t take any step-by-step picture in the process of making it, but if anyone is interested in a simple tutorial I would be more than pleased to provide one!

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  1. M
    March 10, 2013 at 22:14 (5 years ago)

    Great idea!


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