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With this post I’m starting a whole new section of this blog of which I’m very fond: NURSERIES and nursery DECOR! I deeply believe that every kid should be encouraged to pursue his talents, inclinations, and creativity skills, and living in a setting filled with colors, ideas, patterns, and love is already a good start for every baby to become curious about his surroundings! When I was expecting my Minnie, I dedicated the last months of my pregnancy to the decoration of her new room and, of course, the keyword was once again: DIYs!!!!

I spent the happiest hours ever just painting, decorating walls, crafting on lamps and furniture, and creating new accessories. I used to work listening to music, singing to my baby, and feeling her kicking me in delight from inside my belly! It was awesome and now that she’s one and she’s beginning to discover (and remember!) everything you might show to her I love thinking that everything was made by me for her but, most of all, that she helped me through all the projects, so that one day she might think: “Hey, I did this too!”. :)

By the way, I will very soon post pics about my Minnie’s nursery, but in the meantime I just want to share some inspiring ideas about wall decor. When it comes to decorating walls for the kids’ room you have many options: if you have good painting and drawing skills you can directly paint your baby’s favourite characters on walls or, as I did, paint them on a canvas (we are planning to move to another, bigger, house someday, so I didn’t want my artwork to get forgotten in the old house!). Also, you can purchase beautifully designed wall decals or just use your creativity with photo collages, wooden letters and whatever your ingenious brain might suggest to you! I personally wish my baby’s room had not just 4 walls so I could fill them with many different ideas but I’m afraid it would look weird… Don’t you think?

Following are great wall decals that I love, I hope you find them inspiring too! On Google then… you will find zillion more ideas!



208il_fullxfull.270693175 etsy http-::afliatesiphon.com:wp-content:uploads:2012:08:baby-nursery-wall-decals http-::artdata.net:unique-wall-decals-and-wall-stickers-for-modern-house-interior-designs:beautiful-purple-flowers-blossom-and-birds-wall-stickers-decals-in-nursery-baby-bedroom-decorating-ideas http-::blog.thesimplestencil.com:?p=139 http-::cdn2.bigcommerce.com:server5000:c9ecc:products:94:images:396:d505_treemonkeywalldecalbutterfliesnurseryshelves__75944.1346263540.1280.1280.jpg# http-::img0.etsystatic.com:007:2:5543917:il_fullxfull.404873636_qi05 http-::img1.etsystatic.com:000:0:6676719:il_fullxfull.316238277 http-::img1.etsystatic.com:001:0:5857512:il_fullxfull.374848321_eky6 http-::img2.etsystatic.com:000:0:5918688:il_fullxfull.298531698.jpg# http-::img2.etsystatic.com:000:1:6676719:il_fullxfull.327529002 http-::interiordecals.com:nursery-wall-decals.html:wall-decals-nursery http-::tradingphrases.com:images:T:BAB901BabyLaugh http-::www.ebay.com:itm:New-THE-PRINCESS-SLEEPS-HERE-WALL-DECALS-Baby-Girls-Stickers-Pink-Nursery-Decor-:150756414400 http-::www.onestopbabyshop.org:images:D:nursery_wall_stickers_dance_sing_love_room_l kids-with-balloons-wall-decals

http-::www.e-glue.fr:174-1164-large:kids-wall-decal-ringmaster http-::cdn1.bigcommerce.com:server800:a9efb:products:233:images:1599:E027kids-wall-quote-decal_thumb__86364.1329966530.800.800.jpg# http-::highstylewalldecals.com:shop:399-1286-thickbox:kids-with-balloons-wall-decals.jpg#Scalloped-Name-w-Bird-decal


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