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I’m not what you’d call a jewel designer, nor a steadfast jewel maker, but I had to test my skills making these beautiful (and super easy!!!) earrings myself and I am really satisfied about the final result!!

This post is an accurate step-by-step tutorial about making the earrings, so… what are you waiting for? Go get the needed supplies and let’s get started!

What you need:


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Colored string (pick the color you like most!), plastic rings, a stud earring that you like. I chose the small rose and I completed it with the irregular ball in the same nuance of rose. If you want to make earrings as long as mine you will need plastic rings in two different sizes: the small ones are regular rings, while the larger ones have to be open on one side, so you can “thread” them into the smaller ones.

And now, let’s get started!

For the smaller ring you will need approximately 1.30 mt of the string, bend it in two halves and start threading the two far ends of the string into the small hole created around the ring (see picture, it’s very simple!!!!). Here is what you’ll get:


At this point, take one end of the string and start from that side: proceed taking the loose string BEHIND the ring and thread it into the ring, then thread the loose end inside the loop created and tie a knot.

2 3

Ha! Here it is! The first step is done! pretty simple, uh?


Now with same end of the string you go IN FRONT OF the ring, thread the string into the ring and then tie a knot passing it into the hole from behind towards you.

5 6 7

Now you repeat these two last steps alternately: behind the loop and tie, then in front of the loop and tie; behind the loop and tie, then in front of the loop and tie… and so on until the string is almost finished. Then, you can start with the other end of the string, proceeding the same way. At some point, you will have to decide where to attach the part of the stud earring to the ring, so just thread the string into the earring and proceed in the very same way as before.

8 9

When you’re done with the second end of the string as well, just tie them with a plain knot, then add some invisible glue to secure it and cut the leftovers.

10 11


At this point, you already have a beautiful earring! It should look like this:



To complete the earrings with the second ring, just proceed with it in the same way as before, just keep in mind that when you will be near the opening of the ring you will have to intersecate it into the smaller one, then close it and complete. For each larger ring you will need approximately 2.10 mt of string.



Clap! Clap! Clap! :)

You’re done!!!



And now just a little advice… the longer version is absolutely cool but they obviously are a bit heavier… You can try both versions and decide what’s best for you!

I hope you liked my tutorial and that you had fun making these earrings as I did!

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  1. kimbowest
    March 22, 2013 at 14:18 (5 years ago)

    so cute!!! thanks for the button love!

    • Webby Wonder
      March 26, 2013 at 07:10 (5 years ago)

      Thank you Kimbo! I love you blog!


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