Make a beautiful door banner with the name of your baby!



This is a project that I had to do as soon as it came up to my mind and yesterday afternoon, while toddler, husband, and also dog were blissfully sleeping I had a chance not only to plan and start it, but also to take it to full accomplishment!

In fact… it’s very simple, yet effective and good-looking!!! I’m proudly showing it off on my daughter’s room door. ūüėČ

What you need: felt (pick color you like most), white cardboard, black sharpie and good scissors!

banner 1

As a first thing you have to draw the banner from scratch onto the cardboard. I decided to write my daughter’s name with a whimsical-like font into a heart (it’s a short name, luckily!), then fill the borders of both the letters and the heart with a black sharpie (the borders have to be a bit thick, let’s say 1 cm). It is very important that you design the name considering some “attachment points” between the letters and the heart frame, so that you have a one-piece banner.


Then you just have to cut out the blank spaces, reverse the created frame and put it as a model onto the felt. You will have to outline it as in a negative image. Here’s what you’ll get:





Then again… cut around the black borders, reverse and… enjoy!!!



It was so simple, I hope you enjoyed it!!

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