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Italian quote

I love this quote.

It’s taken from a Grey’s Anatomy episode (S05E23), and when I first heard it, I couldn’t stop thinking about how true these words are. There are times in life when you feel stressed out by zillions of duties you may have, and others when you are not sure you’re on the right track for something valuable. In any case, this quote is to remind you that you may always take a step back and see things from a distance, so you can enjoy the bigger picture and feel like all pieces fall in their right place.

When I focus on that thought my heart warms up with the comfortable feeling that we are never alone.

Happy Easter!


Download free printable with this quote in Italian!!

Inspiring quote in Italian!

PS: English translation of the quote: “Make a plan. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around. Drink it in cause this is it” (Sorry, but for once it sounds much better in Italian!!)

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