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The idea of writing a blog was still taking its shape into my mind and I was already overwhelmed by notes, reminders, random notebook pages, sketches, etc. Well, the good thing is that the ideas were freely flowing but… what a mess!!

So, I immediately started to look for some kind of organization and I found myself urging the help of a “Blog planner”. Well, turns out I’m not the only one, since I found many different blog planners online (provided by other generous bloggers), yet I was not entirely satisfied with any of these different versions.

What could be better than designing my own then, that could answer all my needs and respect my personal taste in graphics? And here it is!!! I’ve been using it for a while now and I’m 100% satisfied with it!

Here is the FREE PRINTABLE VERSION of the Blog Planner I created, you can freely download and enjoy it!

It has two different sections: the first one – Setting up my Blog – is for keeping track of all notes you might need to take while planning for your blog (i.e. blog style, platform, themes, blog names, domain, widgets & plugins, and more…); the second part – Blogging the way I love – is divided into useful chapters thought for the daily activities of your blog (i.e. posts ideas, weekly posts calendar, things to do, inspiring blogs, and more…).




Moreover, you can personalize the ring binder of your choice with cute fabrics, felt, wooden letters, buttons, or whatever your creativity might suggest to you!

And a final idea: do you also think that tab dividers may look good at the office but look very sad into a girly blog planner? Cover them with colorful ribbons to add a glamourous touch to the final work. Hah! Isn’t it gorgeous?

If you appreciate the Blog planner I’m sharing today, please feel free to download it here and start organizing your blog tasks with it! I only hope you will use it for personal purposes only and not for commercial ones!! Moreover, comments are my favorite, and if you have any suggestions, complaints, or would like to customize your own version write to me so I can send you the original file I created!

UPDATE: ITALIAN version of the Blog Planner available HERE!


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