How to pimp your toddler’s shoelaces so that they will never untie again!




Ok, so now I know. I will never, ever, buy shoes with shoestrings for my daughter again. They are ALWAYS come undone!!

But since I liked this pair of shoes a lot, I couldn’t give up at the idea of giving them away. So… I pimped out the shoes with a bit of creativity and I’m enthusiastic about the outcome: they won’t untie anymore and they’re even prettier!!! ūüėČ


This “Shoelaces makeover” is easy and fast: you just need some satin ribbon (pick color that matches your shoes), drawstring stopper (mine is black, as I couldn’t find any in blue… but on Etsy there are a lot of colorful ones!!), and wood beads!! I also decided to paint the wood beads white so they could better match the colors of the shoes, with some acrylic white paint and a flat paint brush. Once the beads are dried, replace the old shoestrings with the satin ribbon, squeeze the ribbon loose ends into the drawstring stopper and secure them by simply glueing the painted beads.

That’s it!! How I like to say… Happy Shoes, Happy Toddler, Happy Mama!! :)



Enjoy and Share the Love!

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