Snuggles for the eyes vol.2 – Tees and Shorts!


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Spring has finally brought warm and comfortable temperatures and our kids can finally enjoy long afternoons outdoor and long strolls with mum! And for mommy’s happiness… no more layers on layers of clothes, just a T-shirt, comfy shorts and… we’re ready to go!! For girls even skirts are okay, as long as they’re fresh and easy.

Lots of brands and designers have proposed very cute and funny pieces of clothing, and the following are just small selections that I made out of the zillion lovely things I would buy for my toddler!!

I hope you will find them of inspiration and, if you happen to have something very similar in your kid’s closet and you suddenly feel like crafting on it, what are you waiting for? Upcycling and makeovers are my must, so why not sharing your creations with me and my readers?



Mrs. Fashionista Inspiration Board credits:

  1. Zara Kids
  2. Zara Kids
  3. Il Gufo
  4. Liu Jo Junior
  5. Liu Jo Junior
  6. Monnalisa
  7. Il Gufo
  8. Monnalisa
  9. Monnalisa
  10. Zara Kids
  11. Il Gufo
  12. Zara Kids
  13. Monnalisa
  14. Tommy Hilfiger
  15. Liu Jo Junior



Mr. Fashionista Inspiration Board credits:

  1. Zara Kids
  2. Zara Kids
  3. Zara Kids
  4. Il Gufo
  5. Monnalisa
  6. Monnalisa
  7. Zara Kids
  8. Zara Kids
  9. Zara Kids
  10. Monnalisa
  11. Il Gufo
  12. Monnalisa
  13. Monnalisa
  14. H&M Kids


Did you like something in particular? Do you have further suggestions for more “Snuggles for the eyes” series? I would love to hear from you, so leave me a comment!!

Enjoy and Share the Love,

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Disclaimer: I did not get paid by any of the above brands for mentioning them in my board. All displayed items reflect my personal taste and most of them directly belong to my daughter. No conflicts of interest, then!



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