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After a couple of years loyal service my super-girly neon pink iPhone bumper… sadly passed away (I’m not ashamed to say it also had ears. Yes, pink EARS).

Yes, my daughter has been manhandling and chewing it for the last two months and a couple of weeks ago she definitely tore it into pieces. So I decided I needed something less “gummy” and chewable (is there anything on earth that doesn’t look chewable and tasty to a toddler?!?) and went looking for a plastic case. While scanning through all the cases at the store, my attention was caught by the most plain and insignificant one. The clear, transparent, case. How could that happen? If it’s not covered in glitters or it contains all colors of the rainbow I’m usually not very attracted. Unless… my limbic system unconsciously foresaw its hidden potential: a CUSTOM iPhone CASE!

I grabbed it and ran home, to my loyal printer. It took me about five minutes to get… see picture above!!

If you like it too, here is the super-easy tutorial!

What you need:

iPhone case3

  • clear iPhone case (or whichever smartphone you have!)
  • favorite picture (or image or scrapbook design or whatever masterpiece your creativity will produce!)
  • laser printer
  • a template to help you out with the correct measures (see below or use this template from stickermule).

iPhone case 2

This template from stickermule may be really helpful because you can download it as a PSD file and use it in Adobe Photoshop. Are you looking for something simpler than editing with PS? Use the paper template usually provided with the plastic cover, trace it above the image of your choice and… cut it out!

I would be delighted to see how your iPhones look like now!! There should be an “iPhone custom case challenge”! 😉 In the meantime… connect with me and share them, you could be featured!! 😉

Enjoy and Share the Love,

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