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Everyday is a journey, and the journey itself is Home.

– Matsuo Basho –

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When we first moved in, I decided I would decorate the walls of my new home with something unique and quite unordinary (see also this tutorial for a Heart-Shaped Picture frame). While I was searching for inspiration here and there, I found the amazing possibilities of Decal paper, an easy tool to customize objects made out of plastics, glass, wax, wood, metal, cardboard, or, as in my case here, ceramics.

I’ve always liked the idea of using plates in pretty arrangements as decoration for the walls, but I was actually looking for a more “meaningful” collage. Why not directly writing into the plates so as to get a beautiful quote, then?

Let’s do it together, here is what you need:

  • Spare dishes you may have at home
  • Decal Paper
  • Inkjet Printer
  • Hooks
  • Super strong glue for ceramics

I decided my quote had to be about the Home, and I found this beautiful Haiku by well-known Japanese poet Matsuo Basho: Everyday is a Journey, and the Journey itself is home. I immediately loved it since it includes in one simple sentence two extremely important concepts, of which I’m very fond: Home and Journey.

I started by designing every single word at my computer, choosing some suitable fonts, then I printed them out on the decal paper that I had previously bought from Ebay (no chance to find it in easily in Italy, shoot!!). Then I followed the instructions: FIRST of all don’t forget to carefully cover the words you just printed with several layers of transparent spray paint, so as to protect them from fading at the contact with water. When the paper has dried out,¬†you have to trim every single word out and soak it into a bucket full of water. As the paper starts to peel off from its back, you place it onto the plate gently pressing a cloth onto it so as to remove excess of water. As it dries out, the decal will have completely adhered to the ceramic and… you’re done!!

(I’m sorry I have no photos to guide you in this tutorial, but I made these plates almost three years ago!)

2 3

Now, I desperately wanted to avoid those UGLY plate hangers you can easily find in stores, and I went for regular triangle hooks, that I had to secure to the back of the plates with a super strong glue.


And this is the final outcome, of which I’ve been proud for more than two years already! ūüėČ



I hope you enjoyed the idea, don’t forget to let me know what you think leaving me a comment… they are my favorite!!

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