Inspire your week-end: Monkey-themed nurseries!


Who doesn’t love monkeys? They’re funny, and irresistibly cute!!

And they’re perfect for a nursery, with their fluffy and happy faces.

Let’s check out the following ideas together!



Above are two typical boyish monkey-themed nursery. Perfect color combos for a guy, with blue/brown or blue/gray in different shades. And, of course… lots of monkeys: for the bedding set, for the mobile, for the diaper holder, for the bedside lamp, all around the room as plush toys or as wall art!

Are you planning something for your little monkey girl instead? Here are a few feminine versions!



If you’d rather go for more neutral colors, as I would actually do myself, then go for greens, and browns and yellows, and add monkeys here and there to give the whole room a “jungle” look that your baby will certainly love! How? take a look at the following:

98(Wow, this one above is AWESOME!)









Do you think that the nursery might result a bit “overcrowded” by so many monkeys? A good solution would be to go for just some monkey-themed details, as for example a beautiful decoration for the wall, either as paintings or wall decals customized with quotes or baby’s name!

4 1 a4 a5

And finally… an inspiration board with a selection of my favorite Monkey accessories, if you feel like monkeys are really your must!!



I hope you liked these ideas… and if you actually already have or are planning to prepare a monkey-themed nursery for your baby, contact me and share your project here at!

Enjoy and Share the Love,

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