Cardboard Houses: a Dream for both kids and grown-ups!


I’ve been thinking over a cardboard box for Minnie for a few months now, and I’ve been collecting ideas and inspirations for quite a while. Why have I not started making her my own DIY version yet? Well, my days have been pretty crazy recently but now I have no more excuses: I will have to go find a cardboard box big enough for the project I have in mind and then… no one will stop us! ūüėČ

In the meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy the following ideas, which I find gorgeous and very inspiring!

 Shabby-Chic Cardboard House (

Circus Cardboard House – I love the blue decorations and the red stars!! So perfectly detailed! (


Cottage Cardboard House – The Tulips give it a fresh look! (


Big Mansion Cardboard House – This is AWESOME! OK, they could have painted both insides and outsides nicely but, hey, it has curtains, a bed, and a fully equipped kitchen!! (


Dolls Cardboard House – Tiny and Cozy, so full with nice details! (


The Pink Cardboard House – So Funny! I love the colors and the mail box… Too bad for the missing roof! (


The Eco-Friendly cardboard House – So simple and neat! (


The Cottage Cardboard House nr.2 – Beautiful bright colors! (


The pre-made Cardboard House – These girls seem to have a great time but, hey, looks like a pre-made template! Well… it’s so cool anyway! I wish I had a goose too! (


The Autumn House – Isn’t the spider a brilliant idea? (


The Flower Cardboard House – I love the chimney! (


The Flower Cardboard House nr.2 – This one has cardboard flowers too… so lovely. (


The Parisian Cardboard House – this was made by the “Cardboard dad”… even though you will need either Google Translator or a good knowledge of Russian… he’s a genius! (


The Secrets Cardboard House – I simply love it! (


The Custom Cardboard House – This baby Clare is a very lucky girl… a custom cardboard house with her name, pics and hearts! (


The red polka-dot Cardboard House – Love the colors! (taken from Josee Levesque Pinterest Board)


No time or crafty skills to make your own house out of cardboard boxes? Well, you can always purchase pre-made templates and simply assemble them at home… I’m sure your kid will love it anyway (and you can always add special and original details that will make it unique!) ( – House Templates from MiCasa – Decoramo)


Now that I’ve convinced you it’s time to go and build you own… are you wondering where to start? Well, the following tutorials will help you through this!





I hope you liked these ideas… and if you make one, share it with us!

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