DIY Belt for kids upcycling mommy’s old scarf!


Diapositiva1Hello everyone!!
Today I want to guide you through a super easy tutorial to make a DIY belt for your daughter starting from that old scarf you’ve not been using for ages! Ready? It’s fun and quick!

Diapositiva2I used an old silk scarf that belonged to my mom, but it definitely looks TOO “vintage” for me and I never actually wear it. Yet, I love the white polka dots on the deep blue fabric, and I thought it could be perfect as a belt for my skinny toddler, whose denim shorts are always too large, no matter the size!

I started cutting it into 3 long bands, and tied a loop with the three of them at one end. Then, I started twisting a braid until the other end of the stripes and finally tied another loop. Here it is!! You’re done!


Isn’t it cute?

I hope you liked this idea!!

Enjoy and Share the Love,

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