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As promised, I’m showing today how I decided to decorate the walls in my daughter’s nursery… with Disney characters and lots of bright colors!! At first, my idea was to go for mural paintings directly, realized with acrylics colors on the bare walls. But then I thought that maybe painting on canvases would be a better idea, first because I’m more confident with oil colors (they dry much slower, you are allowed to work much calmer) and then also because I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of leaving my paintings behind one day, if we will perhaps move to a bigger house. That said, I bought two canvases (Baby daisy has been painted on a 60×80 cm canvas, the group of Disney characters on a huge 150×100 cm canvas!) and immediately started the long process of painting.

Well, I was lucky it was my last trimester of pregnancy and I was working a little less in the research lab, so I had some spare time I could dedicate to my favorite hobby. Also, the actual nursery was completely empty and I could comfortably use it as my craft and painting room leaving everything in a mess in the process… it felt great! 😉

I looked for inspiration googling for images, and after a hard selection (I liked almost all the Disney characters I found!!) I decided to go for the the following two:

Baby Daisy Duck



The group of the main Disney Characters, except for Peg-Leg Pete. I’ve NEVER liked him, and it totally clashed in the group I wanted to create. So, I simply replaced him with lovely Huey, Dewey, and Louie!


As a final touch, I had the canvases framed in bare wood, so I could paint it the colors I wanted. I used acrylic colors this time and I gave a last glossy finish to make them bright and shiny!

Well, now I can say it was a long process but, what fun going through it! I remember I used to paint listening to music and feeling my baby kicking me from inside my belly, so as to say: “Hey Mama, I love what you’re doing, I’m having fun too!”.

I will always have the sweetest memory of that period of time… and I wish I will have many more chances to do it again in the future! 😉

I hope you liked my ideas and their outcome as my toddler does… since her very first days she’s always been very attracetd by the bright colors of the paintings in her room, and now she’s also starting to recognize the characters and tell their names in both Italian and English.

And there’s no major reward.

Enjoy and Share the Love,

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