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Hello everyone! I just got back from a quick vacation at the sea… my Minnie was mesmerized!!!

But we’re back to reality now, and given the latest news (updates soon, I promise!) it’s time to rethink a bit the current state of my toddler’s nursery!

And who says that planning a beautiful nursery equals to spending lots of money?

With just a few tricks even the simpler of rooms can become an elegant and cozy nursery for your baby. Are you wondering how? Well, take inspiration from the following gallery with a few suggestions about the right accessories that can make your kid’s room stand out!


Aren’t these hangers adorable? So easy to DIY! Just pick those old wooden hangers you have, paint them with pastel colors, add a cute sticker or decoupage some clipart, and give a final touch adding a ribbon! (



I don’t exactly understand what this beautiful floral arrangement is made of… yet a good idea would be to make one out of delicious marshmallows! Just glue the sweets to a foam ball (like the ones that are used for flower compositions) and place a stick in the middle of it! (




I love this bunny plush rocking chair! So rétro and romantic! (





Adding funny cushions and pillows will make the whole room look more colorful and cozy, you can easily customize them by sewing nice felt silhouettes or embroidering your little one’s name to the fabric! ( and



Books are a MUST in every nursery… because children just love to go through the colorful pages and discover what’s coming up next. Why not arranging them in a funny book holder? (



The easiest idea for a DIY wall canvas, even if you have ZERO painting skills: pick a square canvas, write a quote with acrylic paint and stencils, and glue some felt to it so as to represent an animal, or whatever subject your baby might love. Genius! (


10 12

My daughter, now that she’s 15 months old, just LOVES to sit in her soft chair and flip through the pages of her books. And these plush chairs are simply gorgeous. I especially love the first picture: the baby in between the sofas and the Christmas tree on the background just make this shot perfect! ( and


13 16

Cute ideas for the nursery lighting: a sweet lighting fixture at the ceiling and a funny Winnie-the-Pooh themed bedside lamp. Don’t you feel like buying them? So start making them yourself: decorate the shade of the lamp with ribbons, wooden letters, stencils, or whatever you like, and add a cute hanging Teddy Bear just by glueing some ribbons to the lamp shade. You can also use a small cup as the bear seat (like the ones used for gelato!), as if the lamp were a hot-air balloon. For an idea about a cute bedside lamp… check out this previous post:  ( and

15Storage boxes and baskets… you will never have enough of them! Just be sure to DIY them in order to match the rest of the room… they will be useful as well as pretty!! (





19 17


Rocking chairs!!! A MUST in a baby’s room, for feeding times or even just for snuggling up with mama… there are both modern and vintage ones, but if you just feel like recycling that old grandma’s gliding chair be sure to reupholster it with cute fabrics and colors, and then add a final touch decorating with plush toys and a cozy blanket (,,,

Do you have other suggestions? Which DIYs did you make for you baby’s nursery? Share them with us!

Big kisses and have a wonderful week!

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