Guess what?!? The stork is coming again!



Hello everyone!

In many of my recent posts I’ve been mentioning this has been quite a busy period… many new things on the go and a very tight schedule on deadlines and among these all… YES; A NEW BABY IS COMING!

Needless to say, we are ECSTATIC at the thought, we were really willing to give our little one a new sibling she can grow with! Well, maybe we didn’t expect him/her to come SO SOON but we’ve been blessed with such a great news and now we are looking forward to meeting the new baby!

Less positive, my sickness of the first trimester. It was so bad, again. I used to feel sick for many hours a day with Minnie, but with this second pregancy it’s been even worse. No energies at all, just tired and sick all day long… with a toddler that needs to explore and discover the world it’s been pretty tough! And my beloved blog… well, suffered with me too, given the randomness of the latest posts.

Anyway, now I’m starting to feel a bit better and I hope I will be back on track soon with new DIYs, updates, inspiration galleries and everything you might love about!

And… do you have tips for me for this second pregnancy? Would you feel like sharing your own experience with us? It would really make my day!!

Have a wonderful week my dears,

Enjoy and Share the Love,

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