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Dear All,

welcome back on Webbywonder.com! How was you summer? Well, technically summer is not over yet, but school time is approaching and for most people summer vacations are just a (bitter)sweet memory. I was very lucky since I had the chance to enjoy many different places during the summer, and my Minnie enjoyed all the summer activities she was proposed with great enthusiasm!

I can’t believe she’s already 18 months: she’s getting taller, blonder, and… well, she’s not a baby anymore!! This is the best age ever, I guess. She’s funny, and innocent, and smart at the same time. And despite starting to demand for her own independence, she still relies on me for almost everything… which surely gratifies me a lot!! :)

My pregnancy is progressing as well: I’m 24 weeks now and we recently found out IT’S A BOY!! We couldn’t be happier, and even though there will be difficulties at the horizon we will surely face them with strength and faith. ūüėČ

Ok folks, this was just a brief update to resume things up a little bit before starting with new crafts, ideas, suggestions and much more!!

Stay tuned!

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