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Thanks for taking some time to take a sneak peek to my blog!

My name is Martina and I’m 100% Italian, but through the blog you will read about me as Webby Wonder.

I have an adorable baby girl, Minnie (I simply love to call her like that, it’s so sweet!!), a fluffy, tiny, beautiful little poodle, Tinky, and a loving and supportive husband, A.

I have worked for quite a few years as a scientist, mainly dealing with psychitric genetics. At present, I chose to take care of my baby but I keep on being faithful to whom I really am, as I simply can’t quit my curiosity and creativity. Giving a real shape to my inspirations is like breathing to me, and the idea behind this blog is to share with all the readers my love for beautiful things connected with babies’ world. I love crafting and all possible forms of DIYs, I adore designing nurseries and adding special and unique details to create cozy and adorable places for our little ones… if you feel the same way or are just curious about what you may find out… well, stay connected and share your opinions!!

Write to me, I would love to hear from you!!!



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