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Fashion Fall – For HIM!


Is it Friday already?!? Oh my, time really flies!! Well then… Happy friday to everyone!!

As promised, I’m sharing some of the cute finds for the new season for our little Princes… who says that only girls care for fashion and novelties? Here is some fun for boys, too!


Back to School:

  1. Scarf and beanie – H&M Kids
  2. Down Jacket – Moncler
  3. Sweater – H&M Kids
  4. Jogging Trousers – Zara Kids
  5. Tee –  Paul Frank Kids
  6. Sneakers – Nike
  7. Skip Hop Backpack






Hanging out with Mama:

  1. Scarf and Beanie – Catya
  2. Down Waistcoat – Moncler
  3. Shirt

Fashion Fall – For HER!


Happy Monday to everyone!!

As we were recently saying… Fall is here already, but here’s the good news: it’s time to go shopping with our little ones and cheer up with some pretty, new, colorful things!!

Let’s get started with the lists: something for the school/kindergarten, something to hang out with mama in these beautiful, sunny first days of fall, and something to keep us warm during the cold nights to come.

Ready then? Here are my personal lists for our little PRINCESSES, enjoy! (If you’re more interested in PRINCES… just stay tuned!)



Back to School:

  1. Scarf and beanie

Cute wooden name tag




My best friend’s son recently turned ONE (well, it was mid-summer, but I want to keep thinking it’s still July and we still have plenty of summer days ahead!) and I had been thinking about something nice and customized for his room for a while.

So, I came up with this simple idea and with some help (!!!) from my little toddler we came up with a cute wooden name tag in boyish colors! The “making of” was quick and fun, you just need some wooden shapes and letters and acrylic colors!

Diapositiva2 Diapositiva3

I hope you liked this simple idea, …

20 creative pregnancy announcement photos


So… are you pregnant and looking forward to spreading the news??

Why not announcing the big event with a funny and creative picture that will amuse your friends and family?

Here are some ideas that I love… if this is not your first kid the pics can be even funnier!!!










































(Image credits: Pinterest)

I hope these 20 ideas made you smile at least 20 times…

Enjoy and Share the Love,

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Cute nursery on a budget


Hello everyone! I just got back from a quick vacation at the sea… my Minnie was mesmerized!!!

But we’re back to reality now, and given the latest news (updates soon, I promise!) it’s time to rethink a bit the current state of my toddler’s nursery!

And who says that planning a beautiful nursery equals to spending lots of money?

With just a few tricks even the simpler of rooms can become an elegant and cozy nursery for your baby. Are you wondering how? Well, take inspiration from the following gallery with a few suggestions about the right accessories that can … Read more...

Striped Nursery – So chic!


Hello World!

First of all, I apologize it has taken me so long between one post and another lately… last weeks have been pretty crazy, and I’ve been really busy with other major projects I will be shortly sharing with you all!

Today I would love to share some ideas about decorating the nursery… with striped walls!

I’ve always been thinking that a striped wall can add a special allure to the whole room, like a romantic mood if it comes in pastel colors or a funky vibe if it features bright and pop colors. We’re obviously talking about a … Read more...

My Paintings for my daughter’s nursery




As promised, I’m showing today how I decided to decorate the walls in my daughter’s nursery… with Disney characters and lots of bright colors!! At first, my idea was to go for mural paintings directly, realized with acrylics colors on the bare walls. But then I thought that maybe painting on canvases would be a better idea, first because I’m more confident with oil colors (they dry much slower, you are allowed to work much calmer) and then also because I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of leaving my paintings behind one day, if we will perhaps move … Read more...

DIY Belt for kids upcycling mommy’s old scarf!


Diapositiva1Hello everyone!!
Today I want to guide you through a super easy tutorial to make a DIY belt for your daughter starting from that old scarf you’ve not been using for ages! Ready? It’s fun and quick!

Diapositiva2I used an old silk scarf that belonged to my mom, but it definitely looks TOO “vintage” for me and I never actually wear it. Yet, I love the white polka dots on the deep blue fabric, and I thought it could be perfect as a belt for my skinny toddler, whose denim shorts are always too large, no matter the size!

I …

Cardboard Houses: a Dream for both kids and grown-ups!


I’ve been thinking over a cardboard box for Minnie for a few months now, and I’ve been collecting ideas and inspirations for quite a while. Why have I not started making her my own DIY version yet? Well, my days have been pretty crazy recently but now I have no more excuses: I will have to go find a cardboard box big enough for the project I have in mind and then… no one will stop us! 😉

In the meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy the following ideas, which I find gorgeous and very inspiring!

 Shabby-Chic Cardboard House (…

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