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Inspire your week-end: Monkey-themed nurseries!


Who doesn’t love monkeys? They’re funny, and irresistibly cute!!

And they’re perfect for a nursery, with their fluffy and happy faces.

Let’s check out the following ideas together!



Above are two typical boyish monkey-themed nursery. Perfect color combos for a guy, with blue/brown or blue/gray in different shades. And, of course… lots of monkeys: for the bedding set, for the mobile, for the diaper holder, for the bedside lamp, all around the room as plush toys or as wall art!

Are you planning something for your little monkey girl instead? Here are a few feminine versions!



If you’d rather go …

Tanti Auguri, Mamma!


Happy Mother’s Day. To you. To your mom. To your grandma. To all great women taking care of others each day, no days off.

And if you are a mom, don’t miss this. It’s so true!



Enjoy and Share the Love,

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PS: If you’re out of ideas for a special present for mom, don’t miss this BEAUTIFUL POEM!

Inspire your weekend: Disney Dream Portrait Series


Annie Leibovitz is one of the most creative and talented photographers alive. When you see one of her shots you can’t help feeling like you’re part of the scene too, and in my opinion this is the greatest gift of all for an artist.

Enchanting the spectator so as to make him feel part of the masterpiece himself.

Since 2007, Annie has been collaborating with Disney in a series of ads to promote Disney Parks “Year of a Million Dreams”. The portraits in this series feature Hollywood celebs in Disney fairy tale scenes… and they’re AMAZING!!!

Enjoy the gallery:

Alice-In-Wonderland-annie-leibovitz-144319_1920_1248Alice …

Beautiful poem for Mother’s Day – Free Printable


I know it’s a long poem. But it’s BEAUTIFUL. I’ve known it for a while now, but I can’t help feeling a tiny tear watering my eyes anytime I read it.

These words have the power to capture what a mother really is, and doesn’t matter whether you’re a mom or not yet… you are a always a daughter. Enjoy it!


Unfortunately, even if I made some online research, I could not find the original source, nor the author. If anyone of you, dear readers, knows this poem and could tell me a bit more about its author or its … Read more...

One wise man said . . .


Top quotes
Hello world!! It’s Friday again and I’d love to INSPIRE OUR WEEKEND with a selection of beautiful quotes!!
These are just a few of the zillion quotes I love… so get ready for a whole One wise man said series”!








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the berry






Feel free to PIN them out, and don’t forget that comments make my day! 😉

And, by the way… all these quotes are on my “Inspirational words” Pinterest board, go and check them all out for more … Read more...

Snuggles for the eyes vol.2 – Tees and Shorts!


Hi there!!

Spring has finally brought warm and comfortable temperatures and our kids can finally enjoy long afternoons outdoor and long strolls with mum! And for mommy’s happiness… no more layers on layers of clothes, just a T-shirt, comfy shorts and… we’re ready to go!! For girls even skirts are okay, as long as they’re fresh and easy.

Lots of brands and designers have proposed very cute and funny pieces of clothing, and the following are just small selections that I made out of the zillion lovely things I would buy for my toddler!!

I hope you will find them …

Daily Inspiration: Crib Mobiles for the Nursery


What would be a nursery without a crib mobile?

They say they’re useful for babies to develop vision and tactile skills. But I say they’re useful for moms too, ’cause they look so cute you really can’t help giggling when you see one of them!!

The best news is… you don’t have to spend lots of money to have one, you can easily make one yourself!! Since I actually didn’t make one myself for my baby, I’m just trying to inspire your creativity with the following gallery of images… Each and every one is simply gorgeous!!!

These first ones are …

Take spring inside your house: DIY indoor flower box!




Hi everyone!

Today I’m sharing an easy DIY project: a flower box to be put inside your baby’s nursery or everywhere else in your house! Let’s say you have a bright and cozy spot in your home where you love spending relaxing moments sipping a coffee… why not cheering it further up with some colored flowers in a window box? I love the idea!!

You simply need a plastic flower box, floral foam and fabric flowers. I chose daisies and tulips since they are my favorite, but you can obviously pick whichever you like and also make them yourself! … Read more...

Snuggles for the eyes . . . Vol.1


Snuggles for the eyes - vol1


I’ve always loved fashion. Yes, I’m Italian, I guess it is part of my DNA :)

And since I’ve become a mom… well, I totally lost my mind for BABY and KID FASHION! It must be for the cute  pastel colors, for the soft and tender textures, for the adorable prints… whatever the spell is, I simply can’t resist admiring the beautifully designed clothes for the kids, and wish that lovely dress is available for teenagers too, so I still have a chance to fit in it (even if I’m not a teenager anymore…) :)

OK, it’s true that kids grow …

Delightful Pastel Nurseries


When I got pregnant with my baby girl a whole new world opened up for me. Literally. And it was the greatest blessing of my life.

Before that, I used to be a neuroscientist wannabe, i.e. a post-doc research fellow who used to work interminable hours in a lab with the hope to really contribute and make the difference. Well, turned out I actually was VERY FAR from all of this, and motherhood opened up my eyes to the truth. Long story. Anyway, the last trimester of pregnancy also gave me an invaluable chance: get (finally!!!!) more time to catch … Read more...

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