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Last minute Easter Gift Box!



This year I got a little late with all Easter preparations, and I found myself in the urge of coming up with something cute yet simple for two special moms I’ve recently had the blessing to become close to. No time for making my own printables, no time for setting up a DIY gift box… so what could I do? Recycle boxes from my wedding and borrow a printable from another blogger!!

So, first of all I used a very cute Bunny layout from a free printable generously shared by Erin from Strawberry Mommycakes via (be sure you get … Read more...

Keep track of yearly world events in a… fashionable way!


elle mag


I have a very clear memory of something that happened last year, at the beginning of March.

It was a bright and sunny day, and I was lying in a hospital bed and reading my favourite fashion magazine, Elle.

Yes, I had just delivered my baby, and she was peacefully sleeping in a tiny crib next to me. As I was flipping through the shiny pages a sudden thought occurred to me: what will it be like, our world, in 20, or 30, or 40 years?

Will the pollution be decreased? Will poverty throughout the world be defeated? Will … Read more...

Bentornata, Primavera!


Spring Collage 2

Spring is my favorite season. You come out from winter, wipe off your eyes… et voilà. The magic of nature is there, waiting for you. I’ve been longing for these sunny and bright days for quite a few weeks now…

I’m definitely H-A-P-P-Y now!!

Spring Collage 1


Moreover, I would like to share with you some pictures I took this morning of the stunning place I live in…

This is where I was born, and where my heart belongs to…

This is beautiful Lake of Garda, enjoy the ride!

Lake collage


Share the Love,





Happy Women’s day…


women collage


Well, I must say this is definitely not one of my favorite celebrations ever. But just because for many women it’s just an excuse to go wild for one night, without acknowledging its real meaning.

Women are sensitive, women are sweet. Women are strong, and at the same time very delicate.

Being a woman is a state of grace to me, and I simply want to wish Happy Women’s Day to all other gorgeous women in my own way, by remembering in one place some of the many women I truly and deeply esteem. The women I chose to … Read more...

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