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Fashion Fall – For HIM!


Is it Friday already?!? Oh my, time really flies!! Well then… Happy friday to everyone!!

As promised, I’m sharing some of the cute finds for the new season for our little Princes… who says that only girls care for fashion and novelties? Here is some fun for boys, too!


Back to School:

  1. Scarf and beanie – H&M Kids
  2. Down Jacket – Moncler
  3. Sweater – H&M Kids
  4. Jogging Trousers – Zara Kids
  5. Tee –  Paul Frank Kids
  6. Sneakers – Nike
  7. Skip Hop Backpack






Hanging out with Mama:

  1. Scarf and Beanie – Catya
  2. Down Waistcoat – Moncler
  3. Shirt

Fashion Fall – For HER!


Happy Monday to everyone!!

As we were recently saying… Fall is here already, but here’s the good news: it’s time to go shopping with our little ones and cheer up with some pretty, new, colorful things!!

Let’s get started with the lists: something for the school/kindergarten, something to hang out with mama in these beautiful, sunny first days of fall, and something to keep us warm during the cold nights to come.

Ready then? Here are my personal lists for our little PRINCESSES, enjoy! (If you’re more interested in PRINCES… just stay tuned!)



Back to School:

  1. Scarf and beanie

Happy Women’s day…


women collage


Well, I must say this is definitely not one of my favorite celebrations ever. But just because for many women it’s just an excuse to go wild for one night, without acknowledging its real meaning.

Women are sensitive, women are sweet. Women are strong, and at the same time very delicate.

Being a woman is a state of grace to me, and I simply want to wish Happy Women’s Day to all other gorgeous women in my own way, by remembering in one place some of the many women I truly and deeply esteem. The women I chose to … Read more...

Something new is about to be born…


Last year, these days, a beautiful stork came knocking at my door.

It brought me joy, wonder, laughs, tears, a lot of sleepless nights and, most of all, true happiness.

I still can’t believe so many months have already passed, and I want to celebrate my little Minnie’s 1st Birthday giving birth to a project I’ve dreamt about for quite a while now.

This is a special place for me, where all my creativity can be shared with other hyper-active crafty brains belonging to moms who simply think their babies deserve the best!!

Happy Birthday my Sweet Girl, and Good …