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Cute wooden name tag




My best friend’s son recently turned ONE (well, it was mid-summer, but I want to keep thinking it’s still July and we still have plenty of summer days ahead!) and I had been thinking about something nice and customized for his room for a while.

So, I came up with this simple idea and with some help (!!!) from my little toddler we came up with a cute wooden name tag in boyish colors! The “making of” was quick and fun, you just need some wooden shapes and letters and acrylic colors!

Diapositiva2 Diapositiva3

I hope you liked this simple idea, …

DIY Kaleidoscope. . . from a a toilet paper roll!




Hello everyone!!

Today I want to share with you all a very simple yet super funny “scientific craft”, as I like to call it: let’s build an amazing Kaleidoscope together!!

You need very simple things, all of which can be simply found in your home:

  • An empty toilet paper roll
  • Mirror Card
  • Small shiny objects (such as sequins, plastic confetti, transparent beads)
  • Wax Paper
  • Clear Plastic wrap
  • White cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Clear tape
  • Wrapping paper and washi tape to decorate your kaleidoscope



Now that you have collected everything you need… let’s make it together!!

Begin by cutting …

DIY Belt for kids upcycling mommy’s old scarf!


Diapositiva1Hello everyone!!
Today I want to guide you through a super easy tutorial to make a DIY belt for your daughter starting from that old scarf you’ve not been using for ages! Ready? It’s fun and quick!

Diapositiva2I used an old silk scarf that belonged to my mom, but it definitely looks TOO “vintage” for me and I never actually wear it. Yet, I love the white polka dots on the deep blue fabric, and I thought it could be perfect as a belt for my skinny toddler, whose denim shorts are always too large, no matter the size!

I …

DIY Nursery Clock




Do you have a plain and insignificant plastic clock and you want to make it cute and funny? That is, perfect for a nursery?

Just follow these easy steps and you will be totally satisfied, because it’s the details and the love for what you do that make the difference!

Here is what you need:

clock2And, obviously:



I wanted to give my clock a “positive vibe”, and Love Life sounded just like the perfect everyday reminder that can cheer you up everytime you look at the clock! I simply started by cutting circles out of the felt (12 … Read more...

Wall Decor with Decals on Plates


Everyday is a journey, and the journey itself is Home.

– Matsuo Basho –

wall decals cover

When we first moved in, I decided I would decorate the walls of my new home with something unique and quite unordinary (see also this tutorial for a Heart-Shaped Picture frame). While I was searching for inspiration here and there, I found the amazing possibilities of Decal paper, an easy tool to customize objects made out of plastics, glass, wax, wood, metal, cardboard, or, as in my case here, ceramics.

I’ve always liked the idea of using plates in pretty arrangements as decoration for the … Read more...

DIY Summer Wreath




OK, technically… it’s not Summer yet. But I’m totally ready for it!! For this reason, I called my wreath a SUMMER wreath, not a spring one! 😉

And here is the tutorial to make this easy DIY wreath with felt roses, I hope you like it!

What you need:

  • felt in different colors (I went for yellow, white, and bright pink)
  • a styrofoam wreath ring
  • hot-glue gun
  • plastic pearl beads

Start making LOTS of felt roses. How? Very easy!!!

Cut several circlets of felt (I decided to go for different measures, but you can totally make roses of the … Read more...

Converse All Star Makeover



I’ve had these Converse sneakers for almost TEN YEARS. And I keep wearing them with most of my outfits, since they look perfect for a modern mommy on-the-go. Well, they simply look perfect on anyone. Even the most unstylish people can find their  safe harbor wearing Converse All Star.

Anyway, some weeks ago I finally had to admit that mine were really looking terrible (see pic below) and needed to be pimped up with a fresh restyling. Nothing could be easier!!



I simply used TWO meters of satin ribbon for each shoe, plastic beads (these are white pearls), and … Read more...

Custom DIY iPhone case


iPhone case 1

After a couple of years loyal service my super-girly neon pink iPhone bumper… sadly passed away (I’m not ashamed to say it also had ears. Yes, pink EARS).

Yes, my daughter has been manhandling and chewing it for the last two months and a couple of weeks ago she definitely tore it into pieces. So I decided I needed something less “gummy” and chewable (is there anything on earth that doesn’t look chewable and tasty to a toddler?!?) and went looking for a plastic case. While scanning through all the cases at the store, my attention was caught by the … Read more...

DIY of the day: Pictures in heart-shaped frame


Final heart shaped pics

Hey there!!

Happy Monday to everyone!

Did you like the idea above? So, let’s make it together!! It is a simple yet very good-looking idea for decorating the walls in your home, arranging the pictures you love in the shape of a romantic heart that gives a touch of warmth and personalization to your favorite room!

The tutorial is super-easy – here is what you need:

  • nr. 69 pictures printed 10cm x 10cm in size
  • cork roll (at least 1,20 mt x 1,00 mt)
  • the FREE DOWNLOADLE pattern I made for you to reproduce on cork roll
  • hot glue, photo

How to pimp your toddler’s shoelaces so that they will never untie again!




Ok, so now I know. I will never, ever, buy shoes with shoestrings for my daughter again. They are ALWAYS come undone!!

But since I liked this pair of shoes a lot, I couldn’t give up at the idea of giving them away. So… I pimped out the shoes with a bit of creativity and I’m enthusiastic about the outcome: they won’t untie anymore and they’re even prettier!!! 😉


This “Shoelaces makeover” is easy and fast: you just need some satin ribbon (pick color that matches your shoes), drawstring stopper (mine is black, as I couldn’t find any in … Read more...

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