Striped Nursery – So chic!


Hello World!

First of all, I apologize it has taken me so long between one post and another lately… last weeks have been pretty crazy, and I’ve been really busy with other major projects I will be shortly sharing with you all!

Today I would love to share some ideas about decorating the nursery… with striped walls!

I’ve always been thinking that a striped wall can add a special allure to the whole room, like a romantic mood if it comes in pastel colors or a funky vibe if it features bright and pop colors. We’re obviously talking about a … Read more...

My Paintings for my daughter’s nursery




As promised, I’m showing today how I decided to decorate the walls in my daughter’s nursery… with Disney characters and lots of bright colors!! At first, my idea was to go for mural paintings directly, realized with acrylics colors on the bare walls. But then I thought that maybe painting on canvases would be a better idea, first because I’m more confident with oil colors (they dry much slower, you are allowed to work much calmer) and then also because I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of leaving my paintings behind one day, if we will perhaps move … Read more...

DIY Belt for kids upcycling mommy’s old scarf!


Diapositiva1Hello everyone!!
Today I want to guide you through a super easy tutorial to make a DIY belt for your daughter starting from that old scarf you’ve not been using for ages! Ready? It’s fun and quick!

Diapositiva2I used an old silk scarf that belonged to my mom, but it definitely looks TOO “vintage” for me and I never actually wear it. Yet, I love the white polka dots on the deep blue fabric, and I thought it could be perfect as a belt for my skinny toddler, whose denim shorts are always too large, no matter the size!

I …

DIY Nursery Clock




Do you have a plain and insignificant plastic clock and you want to make it cute and funny? That is, perfect for a nursery?

Just follow these easy steps and you will be totally satisfied, because it’s the details and the love for what you do that make the difference!

Here is what you need:

clock2And, obviously:



I wanted to give my clock a “positive vibe”, and Love Life sounded just like the perfect everyday reminder that can cheer you up everytime you look at the clock! I simply started by cutting circles out of the felt (12 … Read more...

Cardboard Houses: a Dream for both kids and grown-ups!


I’ve been thinking over a cardboard box for Minnie for a few months now, and I’ve been collecting ideas and inspirations for quite a while. Why have I not started making her my own DIY version yet? Well, my days have been pretty crazy recently but now I have no more excuses: I will have to go find a cardboard box big enough for the project I have in mind and then… no one will stop us! 😉

In the meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy the following ideas, which I find gorgeous and very inspiring!

 Shabby-Chic Cardboard House (…

Inspire your week-end: Monkey-themed nurseries!


Who doesn’t love monkeys? They’re funny, and irresistibly cute!!

And they’re perfect for a nursery, with their fluffy and happy faces.

Let’s check out the following ideas together!



Above are two typical boyish monkey-themed nursery. Perfect color combos for a guy, with blue/brown or blue/gray in different shades. And, of course… lots of monkeys: for the bedding set, for the mobile, for the diaper holder, for the bedside lamp, all around the room as plush toys or as wall art!

Are you planning something for your little monkey girl instead? Here are a few feminine versions!



If you’d rather go …

Wall Decor with Decals on Plates


Everyday is a journey, and the journey itself is Home.

– Matsuo Basho –

wall decals cover

When we first moved in, I decided I would decorate the walls of my new home with something unique and quite unordinary (see also this tutorial for a Heart-Shaped Picture frame). While I was searching for inspiration here and there, I found the amazing possibilities of Decal paper, an easy tool to customize objects made out of plastics, glass, wax, wood, metal, cardboard, or, as in my case here, ceramics.

I’ve always liked the idea of using plates in pretty arrangements as decoration for the … Read more...

Tanti Auguri, Mamma!


Happy Mother’s Day. To you. To your mom. To your grandma. To all great women taking care of others each day, no days off.

And if you are a mom, don’t miss this. It’s so true!



Enjoy and Share the Love,

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PS: If you’re out of ideas for a special present for mom, don’t miss this BEAUTIFUL POEM!

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Inspire your weekend: Disney Dream Portrait Series


Annie Leibovitz is one of the most creative and talented photographers alive. When you see one of her shots you can’t help feeling like you’re part of the scene too, and in my opinion this is the greatest gift of all for an artist.

Enchanting the spectator so as to make him feel part of the masterpiece himself.

Since 2007, Annie has been collaborating with Disney in a series of ads to promote Disney Parks “Year of a Million Dreams”. The portraits in this series feature Hollywood celebs in Disney fairy tale scenes… and they’re AMAZING!!!

Enjoy the gallery:

Alice-In-Wonderland-annie-leibovitz-144319_1920_1248Alice …

DIY Summer Wreath




OK, technically… it’s not Summer yet. But I’m totally ready for it!! For this reason, I called my wreath a SUMMER wreath, not a spring one! 😉

And here is the tutorial to make this easy DIY wreath with felt roses, I hope you like it!

What you need:

  • felt in different colors (I went for yellow, white, and bright pink)
  • a styrofoam wreath ring
  • hot-glue gun
  • plastic pearl beads

Start making LOTS of felt roses. How? Very easy!!!

Cut several circlets of felt (I decided to go for different measures, but you can totally make roses of the … Read more...

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