Converse All Star Makeover



I’ve had these Converse sneakers for almost TEN YEARS. And I keep wearing them with most of my outfits, since they look perfect for a modern mommy on-the-go. Well, they simply look perfect on anyone. Even the most unstylish people can find their  safe harbor wearing Converse All Star.

Anyway, some weeks ago I finally had to admit that mine were really looking terrible (see pic below) and needed to be pimped up with a fresh restyling. Nothing could be easier!!



I simply used TWO meters of satin ribbon for each shoe, plastic beads (these are white pearls), and … Read more...

The Versatile Blogger Award!



A few days ago I unexpectedly received “the Versatile Blogger Award” from Giada and Alessandra, the girls behind the super cute Musical e Vecchi Merletti blog. This is my first award ever, it was a huge surprise and a great honor!

The award is meant as a way to promote new and developing blogs with less than 200 followers, but also as a powerful tool to get to know each other better. In order to claim the prize, in fact, I shall tell you 7 random things about me… Here they are, girls!

  1. I love crafting. I love painting. I

Inspire your weekend: a wise man said…




I’ve been spending a few, relaxing, days with Minnie, hubby ans some friends in beautiful Sicily… What a stunning place!!! In the spa of our resort there was a huge entrance wall welcoming you with the above quote: I loved it since I first read it cause it really puts you in the perfect mood for a relaxing vacation!!

Unfortunately… It’s already time to fly back home, but I will try to keep these wise words in mind even when we’ ll be back to reality!

Enjoy and Share the Love,


Webby Wonder


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Custom DIY iPhone case


iPhone case 1

After a couple of years loyal service my super-girly neon pink iPhone bumper… sadly passed away (I’m not ashamed to say it also had ears. Yes, pink EARS).

Yes, my daughter has been manhandling and chewing it for the last two months and a couple of weeks ago she definitely tore it into pieces. So I decided I needed something less “gummy” and chewable (is there anything on earth that doesn’t look chewable and tasty to a toddler?!?) and went looking for a plastic case. While scanning through all the cases at the store, my attention was caught by the … Read more...

Beautiful poem for Mother’s Day – Free Printable


I know it’s a long poem. But it’s BEAUTIFUL. I’ve known it for a while now, but I can’t help feeling a tiny tear watering my eyes anytime I read it.

These words have the power to capture what a mother really is, and doesn’t matter whether you’re a mom or not yet… you are a always a daughter. Enjoy it!


Unfortunately, even if I made some online research, I could not find the original source, nor the author. If anyone of you, dear readers, knows this poem and could tell me a bit more about its author or its … Read more...

One wise man said . . .


Top quotes
Hello world!! It’s Friday again and I’d love to INSPIRE OUR WEEKEND with a selection of beautiful quotes!!
These are just a few of the zillion quotes I love… so get ready for a whole One wise man said series”!








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the berry






Feel free to PIN them out, and don’t forget that comments make my day! 😉

And, by the way… all these quotes are on my “Inspirational words” Pinterest board, go and check them all out for more … Read more...

Happy Earth’s Day!



I love nature. I love and respect the world I live in. And I truly believe in the importance of teaching so to children. To teach them that nothing must be taken for granted, that every plant, every flower, every animal, every beautiful landscape is a precious gift. And as borrowers we must always act: acknowledging the greatness of what we’ve been given and always contributing to the health of the planet and its living creatures. This is what I believe.

Happy Earth’s Day to Everyone!


Enjoy and Share the Love,

digital signature WWImage with quote was created by me borrowing a Read more...

DIY of the day: Pictures in heart-shaped frame


Final heart shaped pics

Hey there!!

Happy Monday to everyone!

Did you like the idea above? So, let’s make it together!! It is a simple yet very good-looking idea for decorating the walls in your home, arranging the pictures you love in the shape of a romantic heart that gives a touch of warmth and personalization to your favorite room!

The tutorial is super-easy – here is what you need:

  • nr. 69 pictures printed 10cm x 10cm in size
  • cork roll (at least 1,20 mt x 1,00 mt)
  • the FREE DOWNLOADLE pattern I made for you to reproduce on cork roll
  • hot glue, photo

Snuggles for the eyes vol.2 – Tees and Shorts!


Hi there!!

Spring has finally brought warm and comfortable temperatures and our kids can finally enjoy long afternoons outdoor and long strolls with mum! And for mommy’s happiness… no more layers on layers of clothes, just a T-shirt, comfy shorts and… we’re ready to go!! For girls even skirts are okay, as long as they’re fresh and easy.

Lots of brands and designers have proposed very cute and funny pieces of clothing, and the following are just small selections that I made out of the zillion lovely things I would buy for my toddler!!

I hope you will find them …

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