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Make a beautiful door banner with the name of your baby!



This is a project that I had to do as soon as it came up to my mind and yesterday afternoon, while toddler, husband, and also dog were blissfully sleeping I had a chance not only to plan and start it, but also to take it to full accomplishment!

In fact… it’s very simple, yet effective and good-looking!!! I’m proudly showing it off on my daughter’s room door. ūüėČ

What you need: felt (pick color you like most), white cardboard, black sharpie and good scissors!

banner 1

As a first thing you have to draw the banner from scratch onto the cardboard. … Read more...

DIY gorgeous earrings


earrings logo

I’m not what you’d call a jewel designer, nor a steadfast¬†jewel maker, but I had to test my skills making these beautiful (and super easy!!!) earrings myself and I am really satisfied about the final result!!

This post is an accurate step-by-step tutorial about making the earrings, so… what are you waiting for? Go get the needed supplies and let’s get started!

What you need:


supplies rosa cerchio aperto

Colored string (pick the color you like most!), plastic rings, a stud earring that you like. I chose the small rose and I completed it with the irregular ball in the … Read more...

Wall decor for Babies’ room!


With this post I’m starting a whole new section of this blog of which I’m very fond: NURSERIES and nursery DECOR! I deeply believe that every kid should be encouraged to pursue his talents, inclinations, and creativity skills, and living in a setting filled with colors, ideas, patterns, and love is already a good start for every baby to become curious about his surroundings! When I was expecting my Minnie, I dedicated the last months of my pregnancy to the decoration of her new room and, of course, the keyword was once again: DIYs!!!!

I spent the happiest hours ever …

Happy Women’s day…


women collage


Well, I must say this is definitely not one of my favorite celebrations ever. But just because for many women it’s just an excuse to go wild for one night, without acknowledging its real meaning.

Women are sensitive, women are sweet. Women are strong, and at the same time very delicate.

Being a woman is a state of grace to me, and I simply want to wish Happy Women’s Day to all other gorgeous women in my own way, by remembering in one place some of the many women I truly and deeply esteem. The women I chose to … Read more...

Birthday Party!!










Yesterday it was my baby girl’s 1st Bday and mummy could definitely not ignore the big event!!!

So, a few weeks ago, I started planning something very simple just for very close relatives, like cousins and grand parent, except that… I got a bit carried away with the whole party planning and it came out like the biggest event ever! :)

At the end we had quite a few baby guests with their mums and we really had a blast! I’m sharing the whole party thing with you because everything was done at home with a bit of patience and a … Read more...

Something new is about to be born…


Last year, these days, a beautiful stork came knocking at my door.

It brought me joy, wonder, laughs, tears, a lot of sleepless nights and, most of all, true happiness.

I still can’t believe so many months have already passed, and I want to celebrate my little Minnie’s 1st Birthday giving birth to a project I’ve dreamt about for quite a while now.

This is a special place for me, where all my creativity can be shared with other hyper-active crafty brains belonging to moms who simply think their babies deserve the best!!

Happy Birthday my Sweet Girl, and Good …

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