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Fashion Fall – For HER!


Happy Monday to everyone!!

As we were recently saying… Fall is here already, but here’s the good news: it’s time to go shopping with our little ones and cheer up with some pretty, new, colorful things!!

Let’s get started with the lists: something for the school/kindergarten, something to hang out with mama in these beautiful, sunny first days of fall, and something to keep us warm during the cold nights to come.

Ready then? Here are my personal lists for our little PRINCESSES, enjoy! (If you’re more interested in PRINCES… just stay tuned!)



Back to School:

  1. Scarf and beanie

DIY Belt for kids upcycling mommy’s old scarf!


Diapositiva1Hello everyone!!
Today I want to guide you through a super easy tutorial to make a DIY belt for your daughter starting from that old scarf you’ve not been using for ages! Ready? It’s fun and quick!

Diapositiva2I used an old silk scarf that belonged to my mom, but it definitely looks TOO “vintage” for me and I never actually wear it. Yet, I love the white polka dots on the deep blue fabric, and I thought it could be perfect as a belt for my skinny toddler, whose denim shorts are always too large, no matter the size!

I …