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Tanti Auguri, Mamma!


Happy Mother’s Day. To you. To your mom. To your grandma. To all great women taking care of others each day, no days off.

And if you are a mom, don’t miss this. It’s so true!



Enjoy and Share the Love,

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Beautiful poem for Mother’s Day – Free Printable


I know it’s a long poem. But it’s BEAUTIFUL. I’ve known it for a while now, but I can’t help feeling a tiny tear watering my eyes anytime I read it.

These words have the power to capture what a mother really is, and doesn’t matter whether you’re a mom or not yet… you are a always a daughter. Enjoy it!


Unfortunately, even if I made some online research, I could not find the original source, nor the author. If anyone of you, dear readers, knows this poem and could tell me a bit more about its author or its … Read more...