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Happy Earth’s Day!



I love nature. I love and respect the world I live in. And I truly believe in the importance of teaching so to children. To teach them that nothing must be taken for granted, that every plant, every flower, every animal, every beautiful landscape is a precious gift. And as borrowers we must always act: acknowledging the greatness of what we’ve been given and always contributing to the health of the planet and its living creatures. This is what I believe.

Happy Earth’s Day to Everyone!


Enjoy and Share the Love,

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Bentornata, Primavera!


Spring Collage 2

Spring is my favorite season. You come out from winter, wipe off your eyes… et voilà. The magic of nature is there, waiting for you. I’ve been longing for these sunny and bright days for quite a few weeks now…

I’m definitely H-A-P-P-Y now!!

Spring Collage 1


Moreover, I would like to share with you some pictures I took this morning of the stunning place I live in…

This is where I was born, and where my heart belongs to…

This is beautiful Lake of Garda, enjoy the ride!

Lake collage


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