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Cute wooden name tag




My best friend’s son recently turned ONE (well, it was mid-summer, but I want to keep thinking it’s still July and we still have plenty of summer days ahead!) and I had been thinking about something nice and customized for his room for a while.

So, I came up with this simple idea and with some help (!!!) from my little toddler we came up with a cute wooden name tag in boyish colors! The “making of” was quick and fun, you just need some wooden shapes and letters and acrylic colors!

Diapositiva2 Diapositiva3

I hope you liked this simple idea, …

Striped Nursery – So chic!


Hello World!

First of all, I apologize it has taken me so long between one post and another lately… last weeks have been pretty crazy, and I’ve been really busy with other major projects I will be shortly sharing with you all!

Today I would love to share some ideas about decorating the nursery… with striped walls!

I’ve always been thinking that a striped wall can add a special allure to the whole room, like a romantic mood if it comes in pastel colors or a funky vibe if it features bright and pop colors. We’re obviously talking about a … Read more...

My Paintings for my daughter’s nursery




As promised, I’m showing today how I decided to decorate the walls in my daughter’s nursery… with Disney characters and lots of bright colors!! At first, my idea was to go for mural paintings directly, realized with acrylics colors on the bare walls. But then I thought that maybe painting on canvases would be a better idea, first because I’m more confident with oil colors (they dry much slower, you are allowed to work much calmer) and then also because I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of leaving my paintings behind one day, if we will perhaps move … Read more...

DIY Nursery Clock




Do you have a plain and insignificant plastic clock and you want to make it cute and funny? That is, perfect for a nursery?

Just follow these easy steps and you will be totally satisfied, because it’s the details and the love for what you do that make the difference!

Here is what you need:

clock2And, obviously:



I wanted to give my clock a “positive vibe”, and Love Life sounded just like the perfect everyday reminder that can cheer you up everytime you look at the clock! I simply started by cutting circles out of the felt (12 … Read more...

Daily Inspiration: Crib Mobiles for the Nursery


What would be a nursery without a crib mobile?

They say they’re useful for babies to develop vision and tactile skills. But I say they’re useful for moms too, ’cause they look so cute you really can’t help giggling when you see one of them!!

The best news is… you don’t have to spend lots of money to have one, you can easily make one yourself!! Since I actually didn’t make one myself for my baby, I’m just trying to inspire your creativity with the following gallery of images… Each and every one is simply gorgeous!!!

These first ones are …

Take spring inside your house: DIY indoor flower box!




Hi everyone!

Today I’m sharing an easy DIY project: a flower box to be put inside your baby’s nursery or everywhere else in your house! Let’s say you have a bright and cozy spot in your home where you love spending relaxing moments sipping a coffee… why not cheering it further up with some colored flowers in a window box? I love the idea!!

You simply need a plastic flower box, floral foam and fabric flowers. I chose daisies and tulips since they are my favorite, but you can obviously pick whichever you like and also make them yourself! … Read more...

Easy DIY: Lamp makeover for the nursery



lamp makeover cover

This is a super easy, yet very cute project that I did some time ago, while still planning and setting up Minnie’s nursery.

I had bought a cute and feminine bedside lamp at Zara Home, yet it seemed too anonymous to me… So with just a few touches I changed its appearance and made it look much more suitable for a cute nursery! First of all, I spray painted the wooden base of the lamp ’cause it was plain white, while I wanted it to match all the other furniture pieces in my daughter’s room, which are a pale … Read more...