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Last minute Easter Gift Box!



This year I got a little late with all Easter preparations, and I found myself in the urge of coming up with something cute yet simple for two special moms I’ve recently had the blessing to become close to. No time for making my own printables, no time for setting up a DIY gift box… so what could I do? Recycle boxes from my wedding and borrow a printable from another blogger!!

So, first of all I used a very cute Bunny layout from a free printable generously shared by Erin from Strawberry Mommycakes via (be sure you get … Read more...

A Super-delicious, Super-healthy, and Super-easy breakfast cake!



Even if this is not a food blog, I wanted to share a random recipe of an exquisite breakfast cake that my mum used to bake for me  very often (let’s say, always!), and that nowadays is never missing in my kitchen for Minnie!

This is a very simple yet yummy recipe that everyone in the family, and especially children, can enjoy for breakfast … or in any other moment of the day! It’s kind of a loaf cake, very popular in Italy, which we call with an English name: plumcake (no plums involved, though!).

My Minnie has already turned …

Birthday Party!!










Yesterday it was my baby girl’s 1st Bday and mummy could definitely not ignore the big event!!!

So, a few weeks ago, I started planning something very simple just for very close relatives, like cousins and grand parent, except that… I got a bit carried away with the whole party planning and it came out like the biggest event ever! :)

At the end we had quite a few baby guests with their mums and we really had a blast! I’m sharing the whole party thing with you because everything was done at home with a bit of patience and a … Read more...

Something new is about to be born…


Last year, these days, a beautiful stork came knocking at my door.

It brought me joy, wonder, laughs, tears, a lot of sleepless nights and, most of all, true happiness.

I still can’t believe so many months have already passed, and I want to celebrate my little Minnie’s 1st Birthday giving birth to a project I’ve dreamt about for quite a while now.

This is a special place for me, where all my creativity can be shared with other hyper-active crafty brains belonging to moms who simply think their babies deserve the best!!

Happy Birthday my Sweet Girl, and Good …