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Beautiful poem for Mother’s Day – Free Printable


I know it’s a long poem. But it’s BEAUTIFUL. I’ve known it for a while now, but I can’t help feeling a tiny tear watering my eyes anytime I read it.

These words have the power to capture what a mother really is, and doesn’t matter whether you’re a mom or not yet… you are a always a daughter. Enjoy it!


Unfortunately, even if I made some online research, I could not find the original source, nor the author. If anyone of you, dear readers, knows this poem and could tell me a bit more about its author or its … Read more...

Happy Earth’s Day!



I love nature. I love and respect the world I live in. And I truly believe in the importance of teaching so to children. To teach them that nothing must be taken for granted, that every plant, every flower, every animal, every beautiful landscape is a precious gift. And as borrowers we must always act: acknowledging the greatness of what we’ve been given and always contributing to the health of the planet and its living creatures. This is what I believe.

Happy Earth’s Day to Everyone!


Enjoy and Share the Love,

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Inspire your week-end . . . Beautiful Italian quote free printable!


Italian quote

I love this quote.

It’s taken from a Grey’s Anatomy episode (S05E23), and when I first heard it, I couldn’t stop thinking about how true these words are. There are times in life when you feel stressed out by zillions of duties you may have, and others when you are not sure you’re on the right track for something valuable. In any case, this quote is to remind you that you may always take a step back and see things from a distance, so you can enjoy the bigger picture and feel like all pieces fall in their right place.… Read more...