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When baby grows . . . convert the snowsuit bag into a poncho!


moncler poncho

When my baby was born, I got this adorable down feather snowsuit bag as a gift from a very close relative (displayed in the left figure). Unfortunately, we got a few chances to use it, then summer (finally!!) arrived and when it was time to use it again, well my Minnie was way too grown up to fit in it again! Moreover, I had been looking for quite a few months for a smart yet comfortable and easy-to-wear coat to keep her warm during the winter, but it seems like nobody has ever felt the urge to “invent” a down … Read more...

Something new is about to be born…


Last year, these days, a beautiful stork came knocking at my door.

It brought me joy, wonder, laughs, tears, a lot of sleepless nights and, most of all, true happiness.

I still can’t believe so many months have already passed, and I want to celebrate my little Minnie’s 1st Birthday giving birth to a project I’ve dreamt about for quite a while now.

This is a special place for me, where all my creativity can be shared with other hyper-active crafty brains belonging to moms who simply think their babies deserve the best!!

Happy Birthday my Sweet Girl, and Good …